I am an American living, working and enjoying life throughout Europe since 1990. In conversation I am often asked whether I am conservative, moderate or liberal. The best answer is yes I am. I do my best not to allow concrete dry and trap me in any particular moniker as remaining in one place only leads to a specious and myopic view of the world and it’s complexities. Depending on the issue I may be considered in any of those positions above or certainly in some place in the continuum. I am never without an opinion nor should others be.

I take an optimistic but aggressive approach to problem solving while applying a measured but assertive set of tactical solutions to seemingly intractable issues.

I decided to start this blog as there are myriad issues we face as a society and as world citizens and in many cases solutions are apparent however for many reasons people’s heads are stuck in the sand with respect to addressing them.

There is an endless supply of fodder and I hope some of what I write about or bring to the forefront will be helpful and drive results.

Seldom politically correct (if at all) but hopefully respectful.


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